January 17, 2013

Parasite Architecture

 Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev of the architectural firm Za Bor Architects have developed the concept of the office of the parasite to Moscow. Their project involves the use of open spaces between buildings to create office. Moreover, office buildings do not restrict travel to the yards. The first such office should be a proper studio architectural firm za bor, which is planned to build between the two houses on the street, 5th Kozhukhovsky.

The main facade is made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate, the facade facing the courtyard, flat and fully glazed. Read more: http://forum.pclayer.com/the-project-office-parasite-architectural-firm-za-bor-t13762.html#ixzz2IEaznsbh

French architects Opus 5 have built a concert hall on top of a former seventeenth century convent in northern France.  http://www.dezeen.com/tag/parasites/

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